Have Questions? We've Got Answers

You’re not alone, people just like you are curious about this 7 step process, and exactly how we can help. Look through some of our most common questions – you might be wondering the same thing. Then go to the bottom of this page to Discover the 7 Step Process in greater detail!

How will I find customers and make sales?

There are many avenues that lead to sales. Home owners and business owners are key market segments. We have identified 9 hyper active markets you can focus on.

In fact, we have written a complete report on this called “Discover The Top 9 Revenue Streams in Custom Rug Fabrication”

The area rug market alone has surpassed 1 Billion in annual sales. This is a massive marketplace with plenty of room to grow for custom rug fabricators.

Do I need to have experience in the flooring trades?

No. But it helps. We started in the carpet cleaning trade before we started making rugs. We knew how to clean rugs and do a few carpet repairs and that was about it. This is a trade with easy entry. Carpet is a soft floor covering and quite forgiving to work with. This is opposed to, say, hard surfaces like stone and tile that require more precision. Of course, as quality becomes your main focus, the need for precision in rug making will too. In time.

What tools will I need and how much will the tools cost?

One advantage we offer with these programs is we can tell you what NOT to buy. Some tools of the trade are unnecessary and will sit idle in your shop. We can guarantee this. We can save you hundreds and upwards of thousands of dollars by helping you choose your tools wisely.   You will need a handful of tools to get started. We offer a complete vendor list for your equipment your supplies. This is another great cost savings for you. The minimum cost for tooling set-up is around $3000.00 range. 

Is it possible to use these rug making techniques for wall to wall carpet and staircases?

Yes, of course. I’ve written articles on a few target markets, of which wall-to-wall insets are mentioned. Find these in the Rug Making Advise section of the site. 

Wall to wall projects can be loads of fun. We have some images of past projects featured on our portfolio page. There are tremendous diversification opportunities in this trade. Working with wall-to-wall installed carpet is a great source of potential income. As are large scale logo rug projects, and bas relief carpet sculpture projects.

Is this work physically demanding?

It depends on your target market. If you are doing large scale rugs, for say, locker room projects for pro sports teams and schools. Then you will have to contend with those challenges. We’ve produced many large scale rugs for schools and universities. Smaller rugs are much easier to handle and less physically demanding. You can pick and choose your markets. Choose markets that resonate with you. Have fun with it!

Do I need to stock any inventory?

Great news. The higher costs of building an inventory are unnecessary. In the beginning stages you will want some practice materials. When you make sales, you receive a deposit or payment in full. Then buy your materials and produce your project. No money out of pocket needed. You can start this on a lean budget if you have to.

How are these custom rugs made? Can I make them from home?

Our system is a proprietary system, so we keep our techniques private and in-house. We can tell you, it is NOT a weaving system produced on a loom. It is also NOT a tufting gun process using spools of wool thread. Think along the lines of a mosaic process… almost.   Yes, you can make these rugs right from home. You can start by dedicating 1/2 of your garage to this new endeavor. Imagine a worktable, say size 48″ x 96″ to start with, say 40″ high. We have exact blueprints for such a table. This work table, a few pieces of carpet, and some tools are all you need to get started… then if you’re like us: you take over the whole garage and make it into a stellar rug-making studio.

I am not the creative type, in fact, I have not a creative bone in my body. How can I possibly succeed in a creative business?

Can you trace a design from a template? If so, then yes, you can succeed in this field. With so many fantastic resources available online, you have endless options. If you are uncomfortable creating designs, then let others do it for you. BONUS: We will supply you with a design catalog featuring 50 outstanding rug designs. Use and re-use as often as you need. PLUS we can show you where to find many more.

How much do these beautiful rugs cost?

Custom products are unique. Costs run higher because they are one-of-a-kind products. People love personalized custom products. Calculate your cost of goods, your overhead expenses, and your time. Labor time will vary with the complexity of the project.    On average, smaller rugs start at the 500 range and go up to 1000. Medium size rugs are about 1000-3000 range. Larger rugs might start at 1500 and can go very high, upwards of 5000 to 10,000.   We have a 10-minute bidding formula that has worked well for us, and we’ll share it with you.

How long will it take to learn this trade?

You can learn the fundamentals in a week. Then you practice the key steps, inlay and carving. Do this every day by making sample rugs with cheaper carpet. Use remnants you buy from a flooring store (extra pieces on hand). Within a couple weeks you will have a good sense of what you need to work on.

Within 4 weeks you can be producing decent quality rug projects. make them for yourself, and friends and family. Depending on your dedication, you can be making money within 30 days and then 60-90 days you GO FOR IT!

How long does it take to make a customized rug?

Good question. The answer depends on the time and complexity of the project. We are producing rugs faster now due to our experience. As you would expect, this will be the case for any aspiring fabricator. 

Expect 1-3 days for simple rugs, and about 7 days for detailed rugs. Then upwards of 2-3 weeks for fancy rugs, especially larger sizes. We can knock out logo rugs in 1-3 days, sometimes multiple rugs in that time frame. Intricate artistic pieces may take a month or two! Check out our mind-blowing ornate Buddha tapestry. You can find it here – How to Make a Tapestry in 7 Steps.