The Best Creative Home Business for Beginners and Everyone Else

By: Russell Webb

I will share with you what I see as the absolute best creative home business opportunity.

I can say, without hesitation, that this was my conclusion when I found a similar training program. And this was way back in 1991 when I was looking at a possible career change.

There were a few reasons that inspired me to make the career move. I will share these with you today.

rug making work room

It's an opportunity for unbridled creative expression..

This was a big one for me. I could see the design possibilities were as expansive as my imagination.

I could design and manufacture any custom rug that I imagined.

It was important to me at the time because I had been stifling my creative side. I had been very active when I was younger and in school.

I have since learned there are personality types that need this creative expression.

I always support this type of expression and try to encourage anyone who’s making that a life choice.

Are you doing something cool and creative with your life? Your career? Please send me a link to your work. I’d love to see it.

If only there were a way to do something creative, express yourself, and get paid for it?

It is one of those creative home-based businesses.

And there is another factor for some of these creative types: Working with your hands.

Hands-on custom rug making

I call it hands-on because that is one of our program highlights. If you come to our training facility for the Pro training, you will experience the quickest path to making high-end custom rugs. It is an in-person and hands-on tools apprenticeship. 

There are countless trades where a trades person can get creative. 

They need to be out there doing stuff: like the burners at the burning man festival. Bless those lovely souls. Say what you will about the party atmosphere. But, there is no trash talking the mind-blowing art on display.

I’ve worked with some of these talented artists. I could see that any of these skilled artists could apply their skills and pivot right into my line of work.

In my own experience, I have enjoyed exploring other creative opportunities. I have enjoyed the art of drum making. I have built websites and painted mural art, and designed an app for smartphones.

I’ve heard people say: I’m not creative.

It is a mistake in perception. I say this because everyone is in the process of creating thier own reality. Our thoughts create our reality. 

Imagine and take action. Create with your hidden potential. 

Here's why it's the best creative home business opportunity.

Yes, there are plenty of home-based business opportunities out there.

Most of these will have you sitting in front of a computer all day and staring at computer screens.

I don’t know about you, but this is not my idea of a satisfying career. 

From a creative perspective, this business is a winner.

When I’m in production mode, making rugs, like these Art Rugs, I’m in my element. It becomes a form of meditation. Time can pass quickly.

And then there is the moment when the rug is all wrapped up. It’s ready to deliver, and when I roll it out for the installation? The look on the client’s face can be priceless. Wow! Did you make this?

floral custom rug design - Mastercraft

Let's Talk About the Wow Factor.

In conclusion, I’ll wrap this up with a very great fact. This product, known as a ‘custom rug’ has the Wow Factor.

There is no denying this. 

It checks every box on the list with regards to impressing the client. And it fulfills the maker’s intentions to make something extraordinary. You will be the definition of a Rug Artist. 

The Wow Factor is a term coined by Tom Peters. He wrote a book called The Pursuit of Wow! Then the book became an instant classic.

It’s a recommended read for anyone in sales. The book, and the premise behind it are as relevant today as it was in 1994 when it was first published.

And let’s be real here, any entrepreneur, esp. in the start-up phase, is a part of the sales force.

My advice is to Sell the Wow Factor! How? By learning how to design and build outstanding Custom Rugs. Let your rug samples be the proof. They will sell your work!

The essence of the Wow factor, can be put this way: It is to create a stunning product. And it satisfies the buyer’s experience from start to finish. The end product must generate the feelings inherent in WOW!

Sri Yantra Custom Rug by Mastercraft Carpet Makers

That’s all I have to say for now! Visit our pricing page for a comparison chart of our two rug making classes.

All the Best,

Russell Webb
Mastercraft Carpet Makers

Russell Webb

Russell has been designing & fabricating premium custom rugs since 1991. He has helped 100’s of companies, gov agencies, & private clients with their custom rug needs. And he is absolutely convinced this is the best creative home based business opportunity you will find online. Learn more about Mastercraft on our about page.  


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