Pro Rug Making Classes: Learn the Right way

Two Expert Rug Making Classes to Choose from.

By: Russell Webb

Welcome! You have discovered the two premiere rug-making classes available to the general public.

The only way to receive this type of rug-making training is to serve as an apprentice. And these opportunities are rare in the professional rug-making field.

Our programs teach the full spectrum of rug-making and design.

Once you have completed your training, you will have access to our staff. Get access to 30 years of experience in the field of professional rug-making.

Professional Rug Making Classes in Sedona, Arizona

We offer a unique training program that is not available anywhere else. This program covers all facets of rug making in a structured 7 Step system.

The Pro On-Site Training class is a hands-on 4-day / 40-hour intensive workshop.

Yes, it’s intense, but it’s the quickest way to learn the fine art of custom rug fabrication.

This program is for dedicated individuals who are willing to ‘do the work’ at a quick tempo.

Some of these Seven steps are simple and don’t need much practice.

You will learn that the art of inlay and carpet sculpture does require the bulk of your attention. And this is where we will do a deep dive into your training. Repetition plays a big part in this process.

This course contains all components found in the Home Study class, read on.

Home Study Course is for the DIY Crowd

All rug-making techniques have been professionally filmed and edited into 3 DVDs. This an ideal starting point for Do-It-Yourself types. Learn our 7-step System in granular detail. There are numerous close-up demos on how to use each tool with precision. Also included: is our design book featuring 50 rug designs. These fall into five theme categories. There is a wide variety of designs, for beginners to advanced. All designs are illustrator-ready. In this format, you can generate multiple colorways to show your clients. We’ve made a comparison chart for each Professional Rug Making class. And you can find that here on our pricing page.
Russell Webb

Russell has been designing & fabricating premium custom rugs since 1991. He has helped 100’s of companies, gov agencies, & private clients with their custom rug needs. And he is absolutely convinced this is the best creative home based business opportunity you will find online. Learn more about Mastercraft on our about page.  


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