Bound for Success: Offer Rug Binding Services to Elevate Your Rug-Making Business

By: Russell Webb

Here's why rug binding services are the perfect fit for professional rug-makers

Hey there, aspiring rug-makers! Have you ever dreamed of creating beautiful, luxurious custom inlay rugs that not only bring warmth and comfort to any space but also make a powerful artistic statement? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can! As an expert rug-maker and successful entrepreneur, I want to share with you the diverse world of rug binding. This is a complimentary and profitable addition to your rug-making endeavors.

Rug binding is an essential aspect of area rug craftsmanship, and it can help you elevate your creations to a whole new level. Let me walk you through a few of the top reasons why rug binding is the perfect add-on service for your rug-making business:

Improve your product quality: Rug binding is vital in providing a professional finish, increasing the durability and longevity of your custom inlay rugs.

Expand your target market: Offering rug binding services allows you to cater to a broader clientele, including interior designers and homeowners seeking high-quality, custom rugs.

Increase your profit margins: Rug binding is a value-added service that can significantly boost your overall revenue and profitability.

Enhance your brand: By offering rug binding services, you position yourself as a versatile and skilled rug-maker, enhancing your reputation and credibility in the industry.

Stay ahead of the competition: By mastering the skill of rug binding, you’ll be setting yourself apart from other rug-makers, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Boost customer satisfaction: A beautifully bound rug is more likely to impress your clients and generate repeat business, referrals, and glowing reviews.

Upgrade your skills: Learning the intricacies of rug binding will enhance your overall rug-making expertise, making you a more well-rounded artisan.

Let’s take a look at the most popular add-on services found in the rug binding niche.

Rug binding services are diverse and adaptable, offering various techniques to enhance the look and feel of your custom inlay rugs. As a skilled rug-maker, it’s crucial to be familiar with these methods to cater to your client’s unique needs and preferences. Let’s dive deeper into three popular rug binding services: serging, fringing, and binding rugs and cove-base.

Binding Rugs and Cove-Base

Edge-binding rugs and Cove Base is a service that involves sewing color-matched synthetic tape to the edge of your carpet or rug. This tape provides a polished, professional look while safeguarding the rug’s edges against wear and tear. Edge-binding Cove Base is particularly popular for commercial settings. By offering this service, you cater to a diverse clientele and showcase your versatility as a rug-maker.


Serging is a technique that involves wrapping the edge of the rug with a continuous thread, creating a smooth and elegant finish. This method not only adds a touch of sophistication to your custom inlay rugs but also protects the edges from fraying, ensuring durability and longevity. Serging can be done with various materials, such as yarn or synthetic fibers, allowing you to tailor the look and texture to your client’s desires.


Fringing is a classic rug edging technique that adds a decorative element to your custom inlay rugs by attaching tassels or fringe to the ends. This traditional approach gives your creations an air of luxury and opulence, often seen in high-end rugs. Fringe can be made from natural materials like wool or silk, or synthetic alternatives, depending on the desired look and budget. Offering fringing services lets you create visually stunning, heirloom-worthy rugs that can elevate any space.

By mastering these rug binding techniques, you’ll be well-equipped to take your rug-making business to the next level. Not only will you create visually appealing, high-quality custom inlay rugs, but you’ll also provide added value to your clients. Our rug-making training program covers these services and more, ensuring you become a proficient and sought-after rug-maker who can cater to any client’s needs.

So, what are you waiting for? With our comprehensive rug-making training program, you’ll learn everything you need to know about rug binding and more! Embrace your passion, unlock your creative potential, and take your rug-making business to new heights.

Sign up today and start your journey towards becoming a master rug-maker with a thriving, profitable business that brings beauty and inspiration to the world – one custom inlay rug at a time.

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Russell Webb

Russell has been designing & fabricating premium custom rugs since 1991. He has helped 100’s of companies, gov agencies, & private clients with their custom rug needs. And he is absolutely convinced that offering rug binding services will significantly boost your earning potential as a professional rug-maker. Learn more about Mastercraft on our about page.  


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