How to Start a Rug Making Business From Home the Easy Way

Learn Rug Making Business Basics in 5 Steps

By: Russell Webb

Are you looking for a new career move? After 30 years in the trade, I am opening my custom rug-making school to teach others how to start a rug making business from home.

When I got started as a custom rug maker, I was excited. I remember feeling this exciting charge and anticipation of learning a new trade.

I learned the same way I teach. Since then, I’ve had decorative rugs featured in designer showcase homes. There are rugs in corporate headquarters and lobbies. And in the office of the Secretary of the Air Force in the Pentagon.

It’s been a fun ride. Let’s take a close look at each step.

Step-1 - Decide on Your Method.

There are a few rug making methods out there.

A. I teach custom rug fabrication: where I cut and inlay the design elements. I am using specialized rug-making tools. My materials of choice? I use high quality premium nylon yarns that are on par with wool. They are pre-tufted and come from the carpet mill. This material is a broadloom carpet.

B. There is another method known as tufted rug making: they use tufting guns and spools of wool or nylon yarns.

C. And, of course, there is the traditional weaving method on an ancient loom, again, using spools of yarn.

D. And, finally, there is the latch hook style of rug making.

Step-Two: Invest in your education

Identify an investment level that you’re comfortable with. Some business endeavors require a larger investment than others.

There is the tufted rug-making market with cheap, low cost tufting guns and materials. This choice can be ideal for entry level rug makers. In general, this set-up is for small scale projects.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive custom rug training program, like mine, this training will cost between $1,500 – $15,000 dollars. This method is highly versatile. You can do small rugs, and large scale rugs, and you can do cheap rugs and high-end rugs.

If you want a very low-budget entry point, then latch hook rug-making with grandma is definitely the way to go. Expect a whopping investment of 50-100 dollars.

rug making work room

Step-Three: Create your studio and start a rug making business from home

Create a space for your new studio – workroom.

Using our method of custom rug fabrication, you can get started in a garage-sized studio with a 12′ x 12′ table.

The table top should line up with your hips, not too high or too low. No worries we have blueprints for such a table.

If you are going BIG with tufted wool rug making, then expect to find a larger industrial space and a skilled crew to man those high-end tufting guns.

As for latch hook rug making, all you need is a living room, a rocking chair, and grandmas inspiration to light a fire in your belly.

Step-Four: Have fun with your rug designs

Start by filling up your home with your new creations. Or give them away to your friends and family.

Identify themes to play with; what are your interests?

There are countless attractive themes. There are animal prints, nature, abstract designs, company logos, or art pieces like the Jimi Hendrix Rug.

Replicating a design into a rug is easy once you learn the trade.

Custom Rug by Mastercraft Carpet Makers - Tropical Design

Step-Five: Grow Your Business.

Prepare for the WOW! The comments from friends and family will be so supportive when they see what you are making.

The questions will come. Where did you get this rug? You made this? Wow what talent you have. This rug looks beautiful. I had no idea you could make a rug like this.

In truth, the word ‘talent’ translates into a more fundamental word: practice.

Decorative rug making is fun. Rug-making has the potential to be an uplifting experience because it is so rewarding. It is a unique and creative home based business opportunity. And, I agree, this will be true for many DIY or custom one-of-a-kind trades.

Think about the results. You are actually producing a beautiful product from start to finish.

Yes, it does take some practice, but the 7 main steps are manageable and relatively easy to learn.

Give it about 30-90 days of practice and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a rewarding business or fun hobby.

Learn more about how to start a rug making business by getting our Free Guide: Discover how to build stunning custom rugs in 7 steps.

Sure, I was poking a little fun at the latch hook enthusiasts. If that’s your preference, go for it!

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Russell Webb

Russell has been designing & fabricating premium custom rugs since 1991. He has helped 100’s of companies, gov agencies, & private clients with their custom rug needs. And he is absolutely convinced he can introduce you to the best production, sales and marketing strategies available for custom rug makers. Are you willing to put in the work? Learn more about Mastercraft on our about page.  


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